Jasmine Delight
Jasmine Delight
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Jasmine Delight

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Jasmine Delight is the symbol of love, beauty and sensuality.
She's a show-stopping green tea infused with jasmine blossoms, the scent of love and inner beauty. The sweet flavour in jasmine elevates your mood and connects to your femininity (induce that individualism state of mind!). But that's still not enough, she can't help but be the centre of attention with the rich aroma of osmanthus floating through intertwining, ensuring to add that element of healthy and young-looking skin.
Are you ready to be empowered by your inner beauty?


Brewing Guide (per cup): 

Pour 80°C water over 1-1½ teaspoon of loose leaf tea (best in tea strainer) and infuse for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients: Jasmine, Osmanthus & Green Tea 

*TIP - Before brewing, rinse (micro-steep) tea with hot water for 10-20 seconds to “awaken” tea.


*** Please note when tea is filled in jar, tea will weigh same as refill packs but may not fill the jar fully due to various tea and herbs having different shapes and sizes/volume size.

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