The Allure Jar
The Allure Jar
The Allure Jar
The Allure Jar
Seven Republica Tea

The Allure Jar

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A new home to store your beautiful teas (or anything else in your pantry) .

What do we love about this jar?

She's -

🍵 Airtight - Seals out air to keep tea fresh and fragrant

🍵 Glass - Resuable and you can see what's inside (literally the epitome of being beautiful inside and out) 

🍵 Bamboo lid - Adds a splash of warmth & vibrance to your pantry

🍵 Versatile - You can store anything YOU want and plus our jars stack on top of each other (without the lid...not practical but pretty)

🍵 The shape - It's elegantly curved silhouette & seamlessly blends form and functionality to maximize storage space

🍵 500ml of spaciousness 

What's not to love 🖤


*Please handwash jars 

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